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LED technology is one of the projection of the most noteworthy new direction
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Experience after many years of technical development and product market-oriented, micro-display the development of projector product is technically already quite mature, and projection products can be said to have depth of our education, business and even home entertainment screen display field has beenthere are various models of front projectors and rear projection machine market, LCD, LCOS, DLP is the three main micro-display projection original technology, in the ordinary civilian areas, and its size varies between approximately 0.55 inches to 1.3 inches.

The projection display technology, digital, network, multimedia, Internet has been achieved, core components include a lighting system of projection products, separations together color processing system, the projection lens, the image signal processing circuit, micro-display. In the display, the current projection products have been fully able to meet the needs of users.

Of course, the expectations of the user for products is endless, and the user wishes to obtain a more compact and portable, it is best convenient to carry for the application of projection products; and you want a more cost-effective products, not just the product price, light bulbs is also very important part of the life of the parts, after all, the projection lamp is expensive;

In addition, the display projection products, "the core", of course, is also a need in the application of guarantee. The three major performance boost to the requirements of new products has been greatly improved, but the "bottleneck" has become increasingly evident, because you want to get a better product, with the projection optical system design is closely related to there must be a newer and more practical technology and product applications.